Hang checks, views and soaring high

A Hang Check:

‘The act of a pilot to check that one is properly connected to the hang glider before flight (and hanging at the correct distance above the base tube). This is accomplished by the pilot laying down in flight position to ensure all connections are properly made and putting pressure on that system.’

…I was told in a round-about, more simplified way as I hung in my harness on the edge of a cliff in Tijuca National Park.

Just making sure he’s strapped me in good and proper.
GoPro image by: Beto Rotor

The Hang Check….

I’m about to willingly run off the side of a mountain but for a few seconds I’m arrested by the views. Tijuca National Park is the largest urban forest in the world and it slams right up against the Atlantic Ocean. Hard not to appreciate that for a few minutes. But, before I can recap all the rules to gliding in my head one more time, my wings move forward by pilot Beto Rotor and then it’s “run, run, run, 1, 2, 3…..feet up!”

I’m slammed into my harness, pulled into the V of our glider and Beto is whooping with delight. He lives for this stuff. For a few seconds I can’t get a word out, my head is craned back and the wind is causing my eyes to tear. Eeewwww – this is insane.

Seconds after launch
GoPro image by: Beto Rotor

Strong up-winds throw us nearly higher than the height we launched at. We are up and over Tijuca, Rocinha – favela and our home is incredible and the sea looms closer and closer.

Soaring high…
GoPro image by: Beto Rotor

This is the truest form to flying…really. So much to take on, you see everything, you feel the winds dip, surge and press down upon you. No comparison to bungee jumping and skydiving.

Free flying with Rocinha in the background
GoPro image by: Beto Rotor

GoPro image by: Beto Rotor

Preparing to land – gut wrenching
GoPro image by: Beto Rotor

Inches away….
GoPro image by: Beto Rotor

Down – Eeewwwww
GoPro image by: Beto Rotor

Quick Facts:

Who to hang glide with: Beto Rotor (www.betorotor.com)

Where: In, up and high above Tijuca National Park – Rio de Janeiro


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