A South African born Australian Brit.

I am a freelance writer recently returned to Australia after spending the majority of my adult life living in the UK and working in the international travel scene. Involved in product negotiation and contract management I liaised closely with suppliers and organisations mainly in Africa and South America. With an inherent love for words and an interest in cross-cultural communication, my travelling career gave wings to writing with a particular focus on tourism, gourmet events, travel experiences and destinations.

In recent years I travelled South America and South East Asia with conceptional and journalistic photographer Katherine Griffiths. Our combined commentary and imagery was taken up and published through TravelBite (now owned by Voyajo.com).

I enjoy collaborating on the fly, on site, from scratch or as a ring-in to achieve your wordy projects. Canberra is home, but being a wanderer I am very happy to travel should the assignment require it.

Writing, editing and proofreading of:

* content for corporate websites

* marketing collateral – brochures, advertising

* commercial publications – reviews, articles and features

* presentations

* transcription

Contact me on katemwalker@hotmail.com and through LinkedIn


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