South America

Conquering the Inca Trail, Peru

At near to 4250m (14,000 ft) altitude, I have to stop every ten or so steps and regain control of my breath and still the shake in my muscles. “Vamos chica” a weathered-looking porter calls out to me as he hikes past in his sandals with seven times the weight I’m carrying, strapped to his back and towering above his head. “Let’s go chica”.  I can’t find voice to answer him, but I muster a smile in response.

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Into The Wild in The Peruvian Amazon, Peru

Hundreds of dragonflies dart haphazardly, fracturing the silvery pink light. They snatch at small clouds of gnats and unsuspecting mosquitoes as afternoon turns to evening. The humidity slowly drops. Standing in the ‘open window’ that is my bedroom wall, I witness the sounds of larger forest life quieten and the smaller insect world increase in crescendo.

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Highlights of Buzios & Its Food Festival, Brazil

Yellow, steamy light shrouded the front of Buda Beach Bar on famed Orla Bardot, enticing a growing crowd. A flash of light went off in the glowing night and moments later the crowd and their cameras cheered. Steam erupted and a smell to make your taste buds’ taste buds salivate, wrapped around me. I wasn’t going anywhere for a while.

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Home – Buenos Aires Accommodation Review, Argentina

This was now the third Bloody Mary being made in front of me. Scooping a mouthful of Sunday morning tortilla and poached egg into my mouth, I figured, sitting in the sunlight at the bar counter; maybe I should try one and see what all the fuss is about.

Confessing to the barman that I have never had a Bloody Mary before, he paused…

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The Island Experience -Ilha Grande, Brazil

It’s 07 AM and my behind is higher than my sleep-fuzzed head. Peering down between my legs, I survey the rest of the group attempting to pull off ‘downward dogs’. Gracious, this is more difficult than I thought – perhaps because I’m not often conscious at this hour of the day or because I’m totally distracted by my surroundings. Lowering myself back down…

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Culture and Caipirinhas in Paraty, Brazil

Saturday night is Samba night.

Well, in Paraty, every night is a potential Samba night but there’s something special about stumbling upon a truly local celebration and attempting to join in on the shimmying of hips and copying the blur of playful feet. By 11 PM ‘Armazem Paraty’ is hotting up. Local musicians group together over bottles of red wine and jugs of caipirinhas and … simply jam.

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